Music Download


Why Did I Fall In Love With You Acapella [here] – Play Music

Stay With Me Tonight [here] – Play Music

Proud [here] – Play Music

Sky [here] – Play Music

Kiss The Baby Sky [here] – Play Music

Dead End [here] – Play Music

Survivor [here] – Play Music

9095 [here] – Play Music

Force [here] – Play Music

Trick [here] – Play Music

My Destiny Acapella [here] – Play Music

Hello Again [here] – Play Music

Purple Line Japanese [here] – Play Music

Break Up  The Sell [here] – Play Music

No [here] – Play Music

Rainbow [here] – Play Music

Last Angle [here] – Play Music

Ride On [here] – Play Music

Tonight [here] – Play Music

Why Did I Fall In Love With You [here] – Play Music

Maze [Keyword] [here] – Play Music

Last Angel -Koda Kumi[Tohoshinki] [here] – Play Music

Step By Step [here] – Play Music

High Time [here] – Play Music


Shock [here] –

Easy [here] –

Bad Girl [here] –

Breath(Soom) [here] –

Say No [here] –

Break Down [here] –

Very Important You (V.I.U) [here] –

Lightless [here] –


Ayy Girl [here] –

いつだって君に [here] –

Empty [here] –

Be My Girl [here] –

Be The One [here] –

I Can Soar [here] –

Nine [here] –

Long Way [here] –

Pierrot [here] –

Fallen Leaves [here] –

W [here] –

I.D.S [here] –

I Have Nothing [here] –

So I Loving You [here] –

Empty [Remix Version] [here] –

C.N. Blue

Love [here] –

Black Flower [here] –

Sweet Holiday [here] –

High Fly [here] –

Arigatou [here] –

I’m A Loner [here] –

I Will Forget You [here] –

Love Light [here] –

Wherever You Will Go [here] –

Try Again, Smile Again [here] –

I Don’t Know Why [here] –

Eclipse [here] –

Wanna Be Like You [here] –

Teardrops In The Rain [here] –

Now Or Never [here] –

Voice [here] –

Just Please [here] –

Lee Seung Gi

Let’s Break Up [here] –

Love Is [here] –

사랑이 술을 가르쳐 (Love taught me how to drink Feat. Baek Chan from 8eight) [here] –

Smile Boy [here] –

Will You Marry Me [here] –


HUH [here] –

Who’s Next [here] –

Hot Issue [here] –


Juliette [here] –

Lucifer [here] –

Jojo [here] – Play Music

Bodyguard [here] – Play Music

Romantic [here] –

Hello [here] –


Tik Tok [here] –

I’ll Be Back [here] –

I Can’t [here] –

Open Happiness (Coca Cola CF) [here] –


I Do [here] –

Love Song [English Version][here] –

Hip Song [here] –


Without You [here] –

Teen Top

Angel [here] – Play Music

Supa Luv [here] – Play Music

Big Bang

Lies [here] –

Lalalala [here] –

Goodbye Baby [here] –

Beautiful Hangover [here] –


Look Only At Me [here] –

I’ll Be There [Korean Version][here] –

Superstar [here] –

I’m Sorry That song which You can download is not complete…^^

But Thankyou, You was visit my blog…[:D]


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